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Twitter vs Instagram: Are You Customizing Your PR Content For Each?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Twitter vs Instagram: Are You Customizing Your PR Content For Each? | SPRD
Twitter vs Instagram: Are You Customizing Your PR Content For Each?

When a brand decides to run a social media or PR campaign, they consider how it will be received by target audiences across a number of social media platforms. The catch is - none of us are equally active on all platforms. Some of us are immersed deep in the Reel world of Instagram. Others follow a conversation or stay updated on trends through Twitter threads. A few of us simply hop onto bandwagons like Tik Tok videos.

PR communication today is consumed largely via social media. So how do we differentiate PR content for Twitter and Instagram? The type of content that works on both platforms is different from one other. For instance - Twitter has a character limit. You have to convey the crux of your information within that specified number. On Twitter, the topic trends for a certain period, unlike on Instagram, where a specific type of content works for a long while.

How should you customize PR content for Twitter?

Twitter is a tricky place for PR content. There’s plenty of unpredictability about what content will work and what won’t. Sometimes a tweet will go viral because it aligns with a trending topic. Other times, a brilliantly written piece of content won’t make heads turn. Customizing PR content on Twitter comes down to using the right hashtags to your advantage. Find a hashtag that relates closely to your business and also trends from time to time and run with it. Twitter trends aren’t always harmful for a brand if you know how to use them wisely.

How should you customize PR content for Instagram?

Unlike Twitter, content on Instagram can be customized, because of the diverse styles of content that the app allows. From stories, CTA buttons, reels, statics, carousels, videos, and sponsored ads, Instagram has it all under one roof. Once you discover WHY your brand needs to be on Instagram, there are a multitude of avenues to experiment with. Instagram can help you build brand awareness, engage with your audience through thoughtful content, and share your PR pieces via influencer marketing and thought leadership posts.

Is there a synergy between the two platforms?

Customization comes in when a specific piece of content needs to reach a specific audience.

For instance, if a blog needs to be shared, you can directly link it on Twitter. On Instagram, however, the post needs to be thought of in a creative way to share the information. The attention span of people on social media has gone down. Each app has its advantages, and the users want to see something different on every site.

Customization of content on Twitter and Instagram is vital to ensure it is well received.


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