Keeping up with the demanding online reputation management in Mumbai and around. ORM, Reputation Repair, Reputation Control, Remove Bad information

We work hard to understand what you need. You’ll even find us debating. That’s because we know what you don’t need. With skillful expertise and some out-of-the-box ideas, we are all about long-term success, strong media relations and returns on media investments all while managing crises during your #OMG moments, should the need arise.

Mumbai’s youngest PR Firm administering Thought Leadership Marketing through LinkedIn articles.  Thought Leadership Strategy, Thought Leadership Services

We respect wisdom and believe that conversant voices and brand stories, like yours, deserve to be heard, spread and followed to build advocacy and a healthy perception of your brand. Imagine insights translated into a strategy that builds trust, growth and drives innovation and new opportunities. This is your Kung-Fu. We just make it stronger. 

Mumbai leads in Corporate Social Responsibility and PR Specialists capitalize this for brand value. Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate PR Agency, Internal Communications

Whether its communicating new employee initiatives, value propositions and policies, to finding the right influencer for brand authenticity and amplification, you can count on us to spread the vibe. From targeted meet-ups to internal and stakeholder communications across formats, be sure to speak to us for something fresh that works for you. 

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Digital is one of the most effective mediums to interact with your target audience. From designing and sustaining social media campaigns to strategic campaign planning and search engine optimization to boost organic growth, our insight to digital first approach is what sets us apart. #Ping for positivity.

Public Relations is driven by Influencer Marketing, especially in a dynamic city like Mumbai. Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Storytelling

When it comes to #storytelling, creating relevant content is like a contagious viral fever. With every tweet, comment & case study adding to your story, how and what you share is probably as important as breathing. From digital videos and micro-sites to content banks, our in-house experienced teams are constantly drumming up ideas, even as we speak.   

Based in Mumbai, SPRD understands the importance of a diverse digital presence. Earned Media, Online Tracking, Digital Influence

Why think about escaping a situation when you know how to thrive in it? From understanding influencers, social listening & media tracking to building effective response management metrics that remain active round the clock, speak to us for something that works for you. 

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