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Reputation Management

We work hard to understand what you need. You’ll even find us debating. That’s because we know what you don’t need. With skilful expertise and some out-of-the-box ideas, we are all about custom-built partnerships to deliver long-term success and ROI while even managing a crisis #OMG! should the need arise.

Thought Leadership

We respect wisdom and believe that conversant voices and brand stories, like yours, deserve to be heard, spread and followed. Imagine insights translated into a strategy that builds trust, stimulates growth, innovation and new opportunities. This is your Kung-Fu and it is strong.

Corporate & Internal Communications

From new employee initiatives, propositions and policies to Corporate Social Responsibility, you are doing a ton of good. But the people who really matter, might know very little of this. The rules of the new age digital economy have changed and your stakeholders have a say, now more than ever. #Ping for positivity. Enough said.   

Content Strategy & Storytelling

When it comes to #storytelling, relevant content is like a contagious viral fever. With every tweet, comment & case study adding to your story, how and what you share is probably as important as breathing right. No wonder that our in-house experienced teams are constantly drumming up ideas and thinking of stories, even as we speak.   

Tracking & Digital Influence

Why think about escaping a situation when you know how to thrive in it? From understanding influencers & building formidable ties to targeted meet-ups and media tracking speak to us for something that works for you.