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Profitable Digital Strategies That Your EdTech Company Could Use

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Profitable Digital Strategies That Your EdTech Company Could Use | SPRD
Profitable Digital Strategies That Your EdTech Company Could Use

Every once in a while, a brand needs inspiration to ideate, strategize, and plan for the future. Especially in digital marketing, where everything changes at lightning speed, it’s crucial to stay abreast with the latest trends. Or be open to the risk being left far behind.

It’s safe to say that with the advancement of technology, we’re currently living in the best era from a growth perspective. We’re witness to how home-grown schooling is developing with the help of EdTech companies. The benefits of EdTech companies are numerous. They not only save time, are convenient, and are tailored to suit the needs of the students but are also cost-effective and impactful.

The EdTech industry is gaining wide popularity in the digital realm, and since there’s no escape from the existing competition, this industry has to buckle up. Digital marketing offers several ways for a business to flourish amongst its competitors, but knowing exactly what strategies will work for you is critical.

Using social media to attract your audience

Was this really a surprise? Every person around you is on one of the many social networking sites today. Leveraging social media to showcase your business and push content to the right audience is the way to go. Going topical, publishing engaging content fit for kids and their parents, developing different content ideas, and using the right hashtags to market them will help garner a following on social media and generate leads. Timely CTAs are another way to use social media to your advantage!

Influencer marketing is the way to go

With the time that people spend on the internet consuming influencer content, not using them to your advantage would be a big miss. Education experts with a digital presence, EdTech experts, and even teachers who foster a love for online teaching can be your influencers. Credible names with a brilliant reputation will help garner a lot of eyeballs for your product. All you have to do is keep your content crisp and to the point.

Develop a strong media presence with PR

PR, when done right, lends a big hand to your branding strategy. PR activities like press releases, thought leadership articles, and influencer collaborations help create a buzz and influence perceptions about your product. When your product gets represented in the media, it boosts your reputation. It authenticates your product because of all the attention that third parties bring to it. PR helps build the trust factor for your EdTech company and could also positively impact the pricing obstacle.

Do not overlook SEO and ASO

There is no substitute for making your content easily accessible today. Investing in SEO and ASO (App Store Optimization) is vital if you want to stay top of mind. SEO enables your website to rank higher on search engines, while ASO will attract people having similar apps to your product. App Store Optimization helps make your product visibility as it will enable the store to recommend your product to people searching for related apps.

Make content interactive with video marketing

Audio and visual tools are great for sharing information. Roping in video marketing to your digital marketing strategy will have several benefits. Parents (who are your target audience) will be able to understand your offerings better through visual examples. Video marketing will also help you break your journey into teasers, reveal, and post-launch content, which can also go on your social handles.

Creating good content is just the start. Utilizing the right platform to market your content is what will matter.


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