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Make Room For Influencer Marketing In Your PR Strategy

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

With nearly 92% of marketers turning to influencer marketing, the PR industry will undoubtedly witness an upsurge in investments – World PR Report 2020. Brands are rapidly turning to their PR firms to deliver on engagement and multimedia content creation. Meeting consumer needs is no longer just about creating a diverse product or excelling at customer service. It requires continuous engagement with people by communicating with them on social media, co-creating with influencers and delivering campaigns that are authentic.

The Birth of Influencer Marketing

The public relations industry has always heavily relied on media coverage and press releases to get word out about a new product or service. But with the way that communications are evolving, even traditional PR experts know the growing value of influencer marketing. The very moment that marketers started collaborating with influencers with a large social media following – a whole industry was born.

Influencers’ recommendations are highly coveted because they often come from the experiences of real, authentic people – rather than through just another celebrity endorsement. Finding an influencer-brand fit is like finding a diamond in the rough. PR firms are constantly on the lookout for influencers that mirror their brand’s values, purpose and goals. Consumers are extremely picky when it comes to engaging with a brand that uses influencer marketing in their strategy. Because now, they feel the need to connect not just with the brand, but also with the influencer. This makes it all the more crucial for brands to find an influencer that executes brand awareness strategies both online and offline.

Still on the fence about using influencer marketing in your PR strategy? Here are three solid reasons to collaborate with an influencer in 2021:-

1) It’s a natural fit

PR strategies and influencer marketing have lots in common – the key element being storytelling. Both markets are in the business of telling engaging stories, creating content that resonates with people and using creative ways to persuade audiences to purchase a product or service.

2) Influencer marketing = Engagement + Innovation

It can often be difficult to track the impact of a press release or news article. But when you combine this with the ability to measure likes, comments, retweets and views, the influencer marketing industry can provide a holistic insight into a brand’s engagement journey.

3) Influencers have access to untapped audiences

PR and Marketing efforts are directed at audiences based on their lifestyle, consumer feedback and market trends. Adding social media to the mix means being able to connect with millions of people at the click of a button. Influencer are experts at bridging the gap between brands and consumers by sharing content that is relevant, engaging and transparent.

And if you’re not completely convinced yet, another very simple way to look at this would be to pause and think for a second about the impact of word of mouth marketing. Without consumers talking to each other about their experiences with brands, products and services, the industry would almost come to a standstill. Be it through word of mouth or through online reviews, the consumer experience is what energizes the industry and connects brands with their target audience. Influencers know their target audience’s preferences, likes, dislikes, opinions and lifestyles at the drop of a hat. Which is exactly why it is about time that brands made influencer marketing a permanent fixture in the PR strategies!


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