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Is Your PR Agency Digital-First?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Is Your PR Agency Digital-First? | SPRD
Is Your PR Agency Digital-First?

The term ‘digitalization’ was first used by Robert Wachal in the year 1971, and honestly, have we looked back since then? Social media has become an everyday part of our lives. News, advertisements, products and even stories are now being sold to an extent where our virtual world and real world have successfully amalgamated. With the digital evolution happening as we speak, a brand’s image and voice is constantly at stake. An integral part of a PR agency’s role is to tell a brand’s story to the world. In order to do this in the most charming, engaging, and honest way possible, they must be ready to adapt with time.

In this blog, we take you through how digital platforms have brought about the evolution of the most underrated yet important partner for your brand - Your PR Agency!

1. Consolidated Communication

Communication lies at the heart of humanity. During the age of print media, communication was still a very powerful tool, but stayed limited in its reach. The digital age has expanded a brand’s scope to communicate and reach out to a larger audience. PR agencies today not only focus on making quality content, but also content that is open, inclusive, and far more expressive. Gone are the days when your brand’s story only reached the people who had access to a newspaper or print media.

2. The Monopoly of Algorithms

Back in the early 2000s, the mark of a good story depended on how many journalists picked it up. Emerging AI and the constant computation of how engaging content is today has given more space for PR agencies to evaluate and reform their way of working. With social media algorithms constantly changing, PR teams are now experimenting with different models such as PESO and SEO.

3. Your One-Stop Solution

Since the emergence of digital media, there is no morning, afternoon, evening or night. Someone around the globe is always looking, scrolling, and connecting with your brand. PR agencies are now able to combine researching, creating content, online marketing, onboarding influencers, and managing social media, all under one umbrella. This simply means that they are capable of depicting your brand from a larger than life perspective.

Let’s not forget ‘The Post-Pandemic Effect’

One of the most crucial roles was played by the sudden and unpredictable unfolding of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the world is slowly moving ahead of it, the traces of the past always manage to stay. Your brand will only be able to tell its story if there are people to listen to it. With so much happening in a short span of two years, PR agencies have also learnt their lessons.. Their focus has now shifted on the overall social experience of their work, along with making the most out of strategic content and promoting it on all platforms.

With so much already changing, it’s a thrill to see how PR agencies will evolve with time. But for now, the one thing we know is that there is no looking back.


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