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Keeping It Natural: The PR Edition

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Keeping It Natural: The PR Edition | SPRD
Keeping It Natural: The PR Edition

Branding on social media has seen a seismic shift in the type of content that brands push out today. The attention to detail is omnipresent, but the way that PR professionals communicate with their audience has changed. From incorporating minimalism and showing what happens behind the scenes, there seems to be a renewed focus on ‘people’ and not the brand.

It doesn’t matter how many times we state this - our world was forced to breathe in a new reality when Covid-19 hit us and made us realize that the time we have is limited. True to mankind’s nature, we picked ourselves up and made changes to our personal and professional lives. The PR side of things wasn’t left that far behind. Today, PR departments have made people the focal point of their branding efforts.

Why has this become a trend?

It shows brands aren’t elusive

The online success of a brand today has a lot to do with its relatability. How connected does the audience feel with the brand? Does the content remind them of everyday life that they lead? How do people spend their day at work? Showing a perfect office atmosphere 24/7 is taking it a bit too far because that usually isn’t the case. But sharing a glimpse of life behind the scenes makes the brand feel human - one that does face issues time and again and isn’t as perfect as often portrayed.

The brand forms a personality based on the people

The people make the brand tick. It is not the other way around. When a brand takes up the personality of the people who are associated with it, it becomes instantly identifiable. Showcasing the values and traits the people bring to the table, how it mixes with the brand values and elevates the team will impact the way consumers interact with the brand.

The authenticity of the brand adds another dynamic to the story

Making the brand feel more human adds a layer of authenticity to storytelling. While a brand has to be non-political at all times, it can show a side that depicts moral support and dedicate its PR efforts to causes that matter. When brands champion a cause, showcase their human side in a fun way, and portray the emotions in a raw manner, it leads to improved engagement with the audience.

While insights and data-driven content help customers make informed decisions, a real emotional connection is what helps develop long-lasting relations. Opinions get formed quickly nowadays. It is critical brands do not come across as elusive and eccentric. Keeping it natural is the way forward!

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