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Is Your Corporate Com. Strategy Employee-Friendly?

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Is Your Corporate Com. Strategy Employee-Friendly? | SPRD
Is Your Corporate Com. Strategy Employee-Friendly?

Have you ever received an email from your company that was both relevant and engaging? If yes, then chances are that your organization has invested well in improving and enhancing their internal corporate communications strategy! Unfortunately, modern businesses struggle with effective communications, especially when it comes to keeping their employees in the loop about even the little things. A brand that has stellar customer service, great product ratings and a solid business plan might not always have the best internal communications strategy. And we all know that once communications within a team go south, it is not long before other structures begin to dismantle as well.

Is there a one-stop solution?

There sure is! Say hello to the world of social intranet software. Through a variety of communication tools, employees are able to send messages, work on live projects, track progress and stay updated about where their brand is headed at the click of a button. Navigating the virtual landscape is not going to get any easier, especially with brands now allowing employees to work from home, indefinitely. While remote work surely has its perks, corporate communications teams need to invest in an intranet that can help employees get work done faster, communicate better and share feedback in real time.

But will a social intranet actually improve business?

Absolutely! Think about it this way – When your employees are given tools that help them communicate better, they are then able to collaboratively create, innovate and drive business growth. Instead of just taking a backseat, even the newest member of a team will be able to pitch in with fresh ideas and perspectives. Apart from discovering better solutions, a social intranet helps connect employees on a deeply personal level as well. And speaking of communications in general, have you ever almost completed a project or crafted an elaborate business plan only to find out later that the brief itself was miscommunicated? This can not only be highly frustrating, but also hamper output. In short, time gets wasted and work doesn’t get done. While it might not be possible to completely eliminate roadblocks, a social intranet will help streamline corporate communications and help everyone stay on the same page!

Corporate communications teams and professionals need to keep up with the pace at which the world of work is evolving. And this means bringing social intranets into the picture to facilitate transparent communication between employees and management. Besides, social intranets also offer a world of benefits!

#1. Hello from the other side

Right from company news, event details and policy updates, an intranet serves as a host of information for employees across the globe.

#2. I’m new here!

Do you remember your first day at work? It can get pretty confusing to retain information about the company, your own role and who’s who! A social intranet with employee stories and bits about how culture can help newbies connect to the softer side of the business.

#3. You’re doing great work

Rewards and recognition are a vital part of the employee experience. Having a peer-to-peer recognition tool integrated with your social intranet gives employees easy access to appreciate a host of good work and say thank you to their colleagues!

Employee morale, happiness and productivity are automatically enhanced simply when people are given the opportunity to communicate clearly with each other. Because in the words of Dr. Leeno Karumanchery - “Employees need to feel valued, safe and heard before they can be engaged”


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