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Here’s How Social Listening Can Boost Your Brand Image

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Here’s How Social Listening Can Boost Your Brand Image | SPRD
Here’s How Social Listening Can Boost Your Brand Image

There is so much being said around us but it can only be understood when we sit back and listen to it. Words don’t mean much if you don’t listen to them correctly. Social listening is one such conversational tool that speaks to and about your brand.

It refers to listening, understanding, and analyzing the conversations and trends happening around you. Often referred to as “Social Media Listening,” this strategy gives you an overall analysis of your brand. Social listening can help you understand what dialogues are being exchanged about your products/services, how much the audience is engaging with your content, how people perceive your business, so on and so forth.

Social listening has a whole brand story to tell you, if only you are ready to lend your ears.

1. The Audience Perspective

The products, the services, and the assistance that your brand offers, all revolve around the target audience. Audience is and will always be the center of a service. If you don’t properly connect with and understand your audience, you will never be able to form a bond with them, no matter how good your services are. Social listening is a mirror of the sentiments of the people who are engaging with your brand. Every like, every mention, every activity on your page tells a story. When you know what the audience thinks about your brand, it gets easier to align your services with their demands.

2. The Bigger Picture

Brands are built on blocks, and every block leads to a bigger picture. From analyzing trending hashtags and campaign performances to monitoring how your competitors are doing in the market, social listening provides you with overall industry insights. By connecting the dots and thoroughly understanding where you are lagging behind or moving ahead, you can use this tool to establish yourself as a thought leader and stand out in the market.

3. Business Is A Two-Way Road

Your brand does not just compete with other brands for the services but also for customer experiences. Remember that the core of your business is the audience experience. When you listen to how your posts are responding on social media, you also make the audience feel heard by understanding their responses and working on their opinions. According to a survey, 66 percent of customers expect that the brand will understand their needs and demands.

4. A Roadmap To Growth

Despite all precautions, one cannot always control what happens on social media. Sometimes, you may be in a situation where your brand/post is constantly being scrutinized by the audience. One or two negative comments can be ignored but when it becomes a pile of negativity surrounding your post, you will need two things- a good crisis management strategy, and a roadmap to where it all began! Social listening can help you to analyze the whole situation, to understand the root cause of the backlash, and to sort it out in a strategic and crafty manner.


One strategy, a million benefits! Social listening provides your brand with brilliant opportunities to grow and understand your audience. From helping you identify your pain points to helping you understand how you can stand out from the crowd, it is an open book to success. The only demand is that you listen carefully.

So go on and analyze your social media trends to carefully curate further campaigns. Big business or small, social listening is for all!


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