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A PR Checklist For Start-ups

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

A PR Checklist For Start-ups | SPRD
A PR Checklist For Start-ups

Building a start-up takes an ample amount of hard work, time management, and resources. However, what lies at the core of it is a communications strategy to promote, and build a strong presence for your brand. Wouldn’t you want to start on a good note?

On this note, we’ve put together a quick checklist of big ticket items that your start-up needs to keep in mind when teaming up with a PR agency!

  • Did You Create An Audience Persona?

Knowing your target group is a must. In fact, knowing them in and out is the key. Consider an audience persona to be a portfolio of your target audience. Unfortunately, brands tend to overlook their target audience, simply thinking that reaching out to any audience in general will work. Well, that is not the case. If you are a start-up, make sure you have researched your target audience thoroughly, including their age group, demography, behavioural needs, and so on.

  • Timing Is Everything!

Communication can go wrong if not done at the right time. Here is what we’ve learned along the way - have a plan and leave a little wiggle room too! You need to have a priority matrix with deadlines, tasks and persons responsible from the start to the end. This will help you plan important events ahead of time and contact stakeholders beforehand. For example, minor mistakes with the potential to cause damage include not informing the media before hosting a huge event, contacting PR teams too soon or too late, and sharing important messages without a strategy.

  • Tiny Steps Are Still Steps

There is a general tendency to think that we need to collaborate with the best PR agency in town. Although, having a prominent backbone will definitely boost the image of your brand faster, relying only on famous PR agencies can sometimes backfire. What we mean here is - Try to reach out to other small PR teams, business partners, or local media to get the ball rolling.

  • Be Statistical And Sure

When communicating with journalists, draft your mails in such a way that your messages are precise, eye-catching, and statistically sound. Present your brand with clarity. Be clear about your products/services, your long-term goals, and your target group.


Mistakes are a part of life. It is the learning that you take from it that matters more. We have tried to point out the little mistakes that are overlooked sometimes by start-ups, because we want you to “start-up” on a good note. Want to know more about PR strategies and brand growth? Let us be your guide.


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