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Using Data To Drive Explosive Digital Content In PR

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

What exactly is explosive content? It’s a piece of communication that provides a unique perspective, backed by data, and changes one’s entire worldview of things. It’s digital content that provides a balance of crisp text and stimulating visuals in the most appealing way. It’s a blend of emotion, information and instructions that offers proven results. Explosive content could mean a lot of things but the one common thread that binds it together, is that it’s data led.

The internet is brimming with an overload of content, making creators scramble to get the attention of the reader. So how does one achieve targets? Data, data, data! By maintaining data relevancy throughout all PR efforts and creating “explosive-worthy” content. Data and content creation rely on each for the best results. Without the other, the results are less impactful and desirous.

Creating Real Explosive Content

Explosive content brings something new to the table for the reader. The content must deliver what the headline reads and the topic should be insightful enough to provide more than surface level information. But more importantly, it should be data led. We live in a digital world where fake news makes more rounds on the internet as compared to legit news. The only way to distinguish the two, is by firmly supporting every claim with proven data and numbers.

Given that the attention span of the audience has decreased, your digital content should be spot on. Visuals and infographics can lead to more traffic. Similarly, once you’ve built a momentum, double it by creating interactive content that drives more engagement. However, ensure that all the content put out has a story to it that adds value to the audience and is ‘original’.

Keeping Up With The Times

Today, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is developed worldwide every single day. And with such an influx of digital content, all PR efforts need to be elevated. Besides hyper-focused content that is designed to target a niche audience, SEO PR is also becoming an indispensable part of PR campaigns. This is done with the objective of increasing the online visibility of businesses to generate and redirect traffic to their respective corporate platforms.

To stay relevant, it’s imperative to keep up with technology trends that enhance an industry’s value. Modern PR efforts heavily depend on data as targeting becomes easier. Storytelling needs to be smart and yet, emotive. And that is exactly what data led strategies offer - an insight on what demographics, geographies, and professions should be targeted. These metrics help enhance the PR campaign and create the envisioned impact.

Putting Data Metrics To Use

If you aren’t a fan of subscription-based monitoring tools, Google Analytics is your friend! It offers a wide range of free tools to measure PR campaigns and other digital content once it goes live. One of the key features of Google Analytics is UTM codes. Simply embed a UTM code in a custom URL that links to a homepage. This custom URL can then be hyperlinked in press releases, thought leadership articles, social media and other content creation. What’s the outcome? Google Analytics deciphers what content performed best in terms of engagement/traffic, how high was the bounce rate, which group on social media drove the most traffic, etc. The data collated from these tools highlights areas of improvement and enhancement. After all, data does determine the success rate of every single digital content piece that exists.

A key point to remember - before launching a campaign, identify what your metric of measurement will be and accordingly put mechanisms in place to execute it. Set defined goals before execution to aid in maximum impact.

Hence, if you want to create explosive content to boost your PR efforts, it’s time you incorporate data and use certain analytic tools for best results. Not only does it enable you to chalk out digital content that will get your audience talking, but it will also make a lasting impression in the minds of people. And isn’t that the end goal, to be remembered for great explosive content?


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