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The Rise Of Corporate Communicators As Drivers Of Engagement

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Did you know? One of the top reasons that employees quit their jobs is – Communications? Or, rather the lack of it. In order to drive effective engagement, communications must be a part of the everyday functioning, and not an afterthought.

Imagine a scenario where emails flood your inbox, your peer falls sick, you have a pitch to make, and your internet stops working. The challenges during the pandemic times have also evolved. Leading to higher levels of frustration while working remotely. In a situation such as this, would people really have the time on their hands to read an email from the HR team asking nominations of participants for a team bonding session?

Good communication however, leads to an increase in employee engagement. It boosts productivity, increases profitability, and leads to a lowered rate of attrition. But how does one create a corporate communication plan that catches one’s attention instantly?

Innovate to accentuate

Storytelling is an art. Only when a brand knows how to tell its own story internally, can there be a positive impact externally. But what if your story hasn’t reached your own workforce, yet? Therefore, Public Relations also needs a humanized element to remain relevant.

PR sometimes ends up living a life on social as opposed to living a social life. With work functions and processes moving online, PR firms have adapted to the new normal. In order to keep the pressure at bay, hiring consultants to create as well as maintain meaningful engagements is a must. It doesn’t have to be all about work. Consider leveraging technology and easily available tools to connect with your people on a more personal front. Build a community of individuals with like-minded interests and encourage them to participate in team bonding activities.

Communicate to convey that you care

According to a survey by Colonial Life, stress causes employees to feel less productive (41%), less engaged (33%), look for a new job (15%), and led to an increase in absenteeism (14%). How can PR agencies become communication experts, while building a sustainable work culture that is driven by corporate communications?

Since the pandemic, there is one aspect that has clearly emerged as an area that requires utmost attention - well-being. Companies that invest in their people ensure that their workforce has the facility of reaching out to medical professionals and counsellors, in times of need. But what good is having an Employee Assistance Program in place, if your people aren’t even aware of its existence?

Driven by passion aligned to values

Creating a positive work culture is the key to building a self-sustaining workforce. Organizations often take a stand on decisions that matter to their external audiences. But what if the entire organization was bound by a single element that strives to give back to the community in every way possible?

Creating an attitude of gratitude and recognition is one of the best ways to keep your teams bonded.

Communications are impactful if implemented top-down and lived by everyone. In order to create a seamless employee experience, it is of vital importance to first begin with a structured system of corporate communications that not only represent the brand in media, externally. But also, helps relay the story with pride, internally.

Your audience will appreciate your honesty and your employees will value your transparency. And this is where corporate communications is also being viewed as drivers of engagement. Gone are the days when corporate communications followed a rigid style. Today, it’s personalized announcements and briefings that are winning hearts and truly creating an impact. Based on demographics and job levels, corporate communications should be crafted accordingly. Moreover, when the leadership team makes correspondence with the general workforce, a sense of importance and pride builds amongst employees. They feel valued and encouraged to engage in company activities. After all, isn’t driving engagement the end goal?


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