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Is The PR Industry Truly Inclusive?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

We owe a lot to those who have historically been silenced.

In the Public Relations industry, fostering inclusivity and advocating for marginalised communities is an inherent duty, now more than ever. As practitioners, we must acknowledge the responsibility we possess to be effective allies. What role does a PR agency play in promoting LGBT+ inclusion?

Make Knowledge a Catalyst for Change

Before you get ready to be an ally, it is crucial to educate yourself about the experiences, struggles, and aspirations of marginalised communities. This means taking the time to immerse yourself in literature, research, and resources that shed light on these challenges. Acquaint yourself and your team with inclusive language and terminology, enabling authentic and respectful communication.

Amplify Marginalised Narratives

The platform wielded by a PR agency gives it the capacity to amplify the voices and stories of individuals from the LGBT+ community. There are plentiful opportunities to bring authentic narratives to the fore in campaigns, events, and media outreach efforts. By promoting diverse voices as spokespeople and subject matter experts, their perspectives gain due recognition and respect. Consequently, it becomes possible to dismantle stereotypes and contribute to the cultivation of a more inclusive media landscape.

Advocate for Representation

While engineering campaigns, PR professionals possess the unique opportunity to advocate for diverse representation both within their industry and beyond. Encourage clients to embrace diversity in their advertisements, and culture. Challenge prevailing industry norms and biases by promoting inclusive hiring practices and actively supporting diverse talent. By championing representation, we can shape narratives that genuinely reflect the diverse world in which we live.

Use Language as an Agent of Change

The choice of language within PR initiatives holds the power to either reinforce stereotypes or dismantle barriers. It's observed that fostering inclusivity often hinges on the careful selection of words and phrases that uplift and empower marginalized communities. Avoidance of assumptions and generalizations is critical, and instead, the adoption of a nuanced and thoughtful approach is recommended. Such an approach can make the messages resonate with a diverse audience and thus facilitate positive impact.

Embrace Continuous Learning

Allyship is an ongoing journey that requires continuous learning and introspection. Stay well-informed regarding current social issues, cultural sensitivities, and evolving perspectives. Engage in self-reflection and actively seek feedback from marginalised communities. Embrace opportunities for personal and professional growth, ensuring that your allyship evolves and remains relevant.

Simply Do Your Part

Utilise your position to advocate for diversity and inclusion within your industry and the wider world. Implement inclusive practices within your own PR agency, ensuring representation at all levels. Participate in industry conferences and events to share your knowledge and experiences regarding the significance of diversity and allyship. Through actively shaping the narrative, we inspire others to follow suit.

It's important to note that being an ally to the LGBT+ community is not only a responsibility for PR companies but also a privileged position. The opportunity to harness the influence and platform a PR agency has to amplify every deserving voice is something that is highly valued and must be used with utmost care.


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