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How to plan a PR event in the digital age

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

A buzz can be created with the right kind of communication. But ensuring participation at an event becomes a task when it lacks proper planning. Especially, when it is a PR event; the success of which can increase a brand’s visibility and convert leads into potential business opportunities. 

The fundamental thing while planning any PR event should involve a blend of traditional as well as digital PR. Although both spread brand awareness via effective and engaging messaging, the latter is more agile, and undoubtedly, more popular. 

Operating with this awareness, here are certain aspects that are a must in any planning checklist.

The right social medium

According to a Livestream survey, 82% of people prefer live videos than a social post. But imagine if you decide on doing an ‘Insta Live’ that cannot be viewed on a laptop/desktop? A targeted approach is to interact with the audiences before, during and after. Taking it a step further, embed it on your social profiles via a blog. You can also leverage web-based campaigns. 

A new social media management tool for Facebook is the Creator’s Studio that helps you monitor content and understand the audience’s needs better. A PR strategist who can team up with a social media manager can not only help you pick the right platform to promote your event, but also create the right kind of visibility with the help of analytical data. 

Steer towards trends

Designing the right content is always a must! Factual, crisp and to the point – Freezing upon the right medium for promotions while researching about the current trends can help set the right pace. Because content that works well for Instagram need not always translate well for Facebook. The key is to leverage the trending information and seamlessly incorporate it into the event, providing a futuristic solution.

#FirstDayOfSummer was a trending topic that Nestle capitalized on to promote their Drumstick Periscope campaign. Additionally, Virtual Reality can add value to your events. Something similar to how Amazon celebrated its Prime Day by planning a Virtual Reality Experience Zone, allowing people to immersively experience the product before buying.

Harness the power of influencers

People look up to influencers for inputs regarding brands. This not just acts as an organic source, but also elevates the brand’s credibility. Identify the right influencers that reflect what the brand stands for and provide them with the tools needed to create previews and recaps.

For New York Fashion Week, Moschino partnered with Chiara Ferragni who invited her followers on Instagram and Snapchat to witness a virtual experience of the runway show. A win-win situation for the brand as well as the influencer. 

Planning well wins half the battle

Along with influencers, seek out partners that help increase brand value. An event co-hosted by two (or more) impactful brands stands a chance of garnering more participation and visibility. 

Simultaneously, an event that gives a pre-documented kit aids in bridging the time gap between attending and reporting, adding to the brand’s visibility. An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) containing relevant information about the event is a smart thing to do. This data can be circulated in the form of promotional videos, press release and images on a USB drive. 

In view of executing your plan and making it a success, you will require a team of PR professionals that understand media equally well and will support you in reaching the vision that you have for your brand. Mapping out an effective PR strategy and executing it through an event is best left in the hands of those who can deliver the results. Because truth be told, in the cut-throat digital era, any brand is as good as its PR team. 

With a number of companies now employing and adopting digital PR, it is time to follow suit and reap the benefits that it brings along.

This blog first appeared on Reputation Today and features SPRD.

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