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5 Things PR Professionals Are Tired Of Hearing

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

1. So…what exactly do you do?

Generating interesting content because at its core PR is about storytelling and what we are telling the world. Part of it is also building and maintaining relationships with people. It entails working with journalists and influencers. Then, there’s writing involved. Lots of it. From email pitches to press releases, we do it all. Crisis management and Image Building are all part of PR.

2. You mean… advertising?

No! We have reiterated the difference so many times that we can say it in our sleep. Though PR and advertising share some similarities, the differences are quite stark. The main difference is that advertising is paid while PR is earned and this often lends PR more credibility.

3. Can you get us coverage in ‘XYZ’?

It’s rather unrealistic when the demand is to get coverage in Category A publications. It’s not something you can buy from a shop in the first lane of the second right from the first signal. Oh, we wish! While we can’t promise a front page dedicated to a client on a national daily but as PR Professionals we try our best. Expectations are good to have, but they’re better when they are realistic.

4. You must be attending all those fancy events quite often!

Yes and no. Pop culture has painted a rather inaccurate picture of how a typical PR professional’s work life is. Not all of us are going for those extravagant lunches or dinner parties every day. Such opportunities do present themselves but they are not as frequent as the world thinks.

5. By when will the coverage be live?

Our work is to get our client the opportunity to be interviewed, or their event to be covered. But, in the end, getting an article published or getting featured rests on the publication’s discretion and we may not be privy to it. When it comes to publishing schedules, they are often flexible. A story on a trending event may be given more importance and our story might be pushed beyond the week.

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