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Steer Clear From These Tech Buzzwords In 2021

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Steer Clear From These Tech Buzzwords In 2021 | SPRD
Steer Clear From These Tech Buzzwords In 2021

It’s the dawn of 2021 and new trends that will dominate the New Year are already making the rounds. Amongst these, is the use of certain tech buzzwords in public relations that one needs to avoid. Why? Simply because these words have been used excessively in pitch decks, blogs, strategies, business meetings, practically everywhere!

The exaggerated use of tech buzzwords have begun to give it a negative and unnatural touch to communication. PR professionals have come to the conclusion that press releases work better when one steers clear from these buzzwords–


Yes, as catchy as it sounds, this buzzword has been overly misused to the extent that the word itself doesn’t add much value. In technology, very rarely does a new software or product actually disrupt one’s way of life. The buzzword doesn’t live up to the claim and is often misleading.


Much like disruptive, ground-breaking is another exaggerated buzzword that is overused and mis-used in tech PR. Technological inventions like the telephone, cell phone, printing machine, computers, etc. can be termed as ground-breaking. A software that analyses data from a survey isn’t ground-breaking, although it is helpful and convenient to use.

World’s Leading

If you are one of those who uses this buzzword in PR, chances are your audience will be put off completely with such a false claim. If you do not have proof to back this claim, such a loosely used term can give the public a negative image about your brand as the buzzword tries to imply something it isn’t.


People in the 1900s thought 2020 would have flying cars! Instead, we’re living through a pandemic and still figuring out ways to make remote working easier. When communicating about a tech product that is targeted towards a demographic to get them excited about the use of it in the near future, “next-generation” is not the way to go. A new laptop that offers similar features like its competitors but with longer battery life is not next-generation, 5G is!

Artificial Intelligence

Simply put, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to simulation of human intelligence in programmed machinery to exhibit human action. Not every automation is AI unless it mimics human behaviour and is a key feature in the product/service. If not, then adding this buzzword when marketing is inaccurate and misleading. AI has been around a lot more over the past 5 years and though it has found its place in the market, it’s advisable to not piggy-back on this buzzword just to sound tech-savvy.

While these are specific tech buzzwords to steer clear of, here’s where you can find other trendy words to avoid in 2021. The aim of refraining from these buzzwords is to make your communication more realistic and relatable. Using the right buzzwords and in a controlled manner, the impact is far greater. Afterall, isn’t that the goal – to accelerate business growth using smart content?

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