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How Can EdTech Brands Prosper With PR?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

How Can EdTech Brands Prosper With PR? | SPRD
How Can EdTech Brands Prosper With PR?

‘Keeping learning alive’ has been the common motto for most Edtech companies. Many of these have successfully bridged the gap between the classroom and students by creating an engagement-rich and learner-centric atmosphere, while being supported by robust advancements in technology. In the last few years, the EdTech industry has seen a massive increase in funds and fascination alike.

While the benefits of online learning for students are numerous, the scope of growth for small to medium-scaled EdTech brands fighting to prosper amongst established companies has been abysmally low. The most preferred EdTech companies are ones that are seen as trustworthy, wide-reaching, and credible.

So how can brands make a name for themselves in the vast EdTech market?

We are painfully aware that in today’s time having just a business is not enough; if your brand message, voice, and awareness about the product are not adequately reaching your target audience, then it’s a job half done. And much like the booming EdTech industry, another one that’s been helping brands grab their audience’s attention and establish credibility for themselves.

If you haven’t already guessed by now, then yes, we’re talking about Public Relations (PR).

Here are some well-grounded ways in which PR can help you become a recognized force in your industry.

  • All Good Things Start With A Plan

A rising industry that’s estimated to reach $998.4 billion by 2030, speaks about the abundance of opportunities in the EdTech market. We’re talking about the chance to be a top player amongst your competitors, and setting a unique strategy to win over your potential customers. But, it all starts with going back to the basics- identifying your core message!

A clear message forms the foundation of all strategies and lets you explore opportunities and industry conversations that you can be a part of to become an industry leader.

  • Integrated Strategies For The Win!

To build readiness among parents, teachers, and students towards EdTech platforms, technology isn’t the only way to go about it. Likewise, PR isn’t the only channel to rely on to reach your end goal. Integrated campaigns that combine social media, PR, and digital marketing ensure that your messages reach the masses effectively.

  • Boost Your EdTech Brand With Thought Leadership

One of the most inexpensive and effective PR tactics for EdTech is ‘Thought Leadership’. Your audience wants nothing more than to put their faith in a reliable brand who can take on the responsibility of academic improvement, student-level innovation, and meaningful engagement for their children. Thought Leadership for Edtech refers to contributing your expertise on Edtech-related blogs, scholarly articles, guest posting on other education sites, or through speaking engagements.

By demonstrating your expertise using social media and other mediums, you’re influencing your target audience to view you as a trusted specialist within the EdTech market.

  • Leveraging Partnerships With Competitors

To distinguish yourselves from your competitors who’re also brainstorming unique strategies, you must to do something that they’re not willing to do.

Building partnerships with your competitors in the EdTech sector may come as an absolute surprise, but it can also turn into a win-win situation for both parties. EdTech PR offers you a great opportunity to actually partner with other established EdTech companies, and position yourself amongst them. This is possible with project-based collaborations, or by leveraging social media campaigns to deliver a common message.

With things going back to normalcy, offline learning has resumed and this poses a warning for EdTech companies to narrow down on strategies to not lose their hard-earned customers. And in order to keep the seal of trust with their audience intact, it is recommended to cement your relationship with the help of PR, and continue to bring a ‘burst of life in learning’.

Want to retain your hold in the EdTech industry with the potential of PR? Let us help you make a difference.

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