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Why think about ducking a situation when you know how to thrive in it? From understanding influencers, social listening & media tracking to building effective response management that remains active round the clock, speak to us for something that works for you. 

Social Listening

We understand the importance of audience and consumer mapping. Listening to each and every voice which mentions your brand online, and keeping track helps in understanding how your brand perception continues to evolve. 

Response Management

In the digital age, response and relevance is what matter the most. From queries to complaints, we ensure that responses are framed the right way, are in line with brand ethos & philosophy, linked back to business and are posted at just the right time.

24 X 7 X 365


Speak to data and it will eventually confess everything you want to know. Culling insights, spotting trends, competition & sentiment analysis or process effectiveness, every step adds to your brand journey.

ORM Reports 
  • Brand    Monitoring 

  • Volume Trend & Analysis    

  • Conversation Drivers 

  • Sentiment Analysis & SIM Score 

  • Sales    Lead    Analysis

  • Share    Of    Voice/Volume

  • Sentiment    Analysis

  • Social    Media    Post    Count

  • Sample    Conversations

  • Campaign    Effectiveness    Tracking

  • Most    Engaged    Users


  • CRM Dashboard

  • Escalation    &    TAT    Analysis

  • Channel    Wise    Report

  • Most    Engaged    Negatives

  • Leadership Team Bio Analysis 

  • Conversation maps

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