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SPRD collaborated with Zeta, a banking-tech company that provides modern banking solutions and cloud-native services to banks and financial institutions. Founded in 2015 by Bhavin Turakhia (CEO) and Ramki Gaddipati (CTO), the organisation helps banks and fintechs with launching next-gen credit card programs through hyper-personalisation, self-service modules, embedded banking software and a lot more to provide digital-first experiences of today! Zeta is on a mission to transform banks into digital natives by building the #1 next-gen banking and payments platform. Our collaboration with the next-gen banking tech unicorn included services spanning across Reputation and Crisis Management, ORM and Digital Influence, and Social Media Management. Through consistent tracking, reporting, sentiment analysis and insightful recommendations, the collaboration resulted in fruitful outcomes for the brand.


The key objectives with our collaboration with Zeta were to build awareness among potential talent about Zeta’s vision, strengthen the brand’s online presence and set up a robust mechanism to tackle potential instances of crisis. Our focus was also on monitoring all the posts and instances where the brand was mentioned and ensuring that our responses fostered a sense of pride and belonging among Zeta employees, making them feel integral to the organisation. This included tracking employee-generated content about Zeta and resharing them to solidify the brand’s positioning as one of the best places to work.





Our ORM strategy for Zeta involved tracking daily, weekly and monthly statistics primarily across LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Zeta’s internal communication platform, named Blind. Our reports compiled for the brand focused on the following key metrics:

  • Number of posts mentioning the brand on LinkedIn and number of reviews posted on Glassdoor on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

  • Number of positive, negative and neutral posts or reviews segmented by deep-diving into their content.

  • Source-wise distribution of the brand’s mentions on LinkedIn through comments, search posts and tagged posts. 

  • Monthly trends for Glassdoor based on the number of reviews, overall rating and page views.

  • Number of mentions on Blind.

By compiling these metrics, we could figure out the overall sentiment, as well as the key reason or insight driving that sentiment. Based on our observations, we recommended certain measures for the brand to work on those areas accordingly. These recommendations ranged from formats that could drive more engagement for the brand on LinkedIn to a comprehensive list of podcasts, where Zeta’s leaders can interact and talk about their organisation and their vision. As a part of our crisis management efforts, we also recommended personalised responses to be communicated by the organisation to the employees in cases of potential crisis.


Realised through a range of responses, reports and replies catered to meet the brand’s objectives. Have a look at a few of them.



Through dynamic and consistent tracking of posts where the brand was mentioned, which included recognition-based posts by employees and publication of events hosted by Zeta on other platforms, the brand saw considerable improvement in LinkedIn engagement followed by a steady average increase of 10% response rate across quarters, right from the initial 3 months of our association.

  • Social Media Mentions (LinkedIn): 1337

  • 100000+ followership on LinkedIn

  • Posts interacted with: 242

  • Glassdoor reviews tracked and reported with sentiment: 325

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