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The aim of the work done for mPlatform was well defined and streamlined – to highlight the unit’s innovative, research-driven marketing & advertising strategies, as well as their seamless execution across clients, for a diverse range of products. For this, a performance marketing case book was to be created with information on the challenges faced on each project.


24 key projects were explored for the performance marketing casebook. Through both spoken conversations as well as data provided from those in charge of each project, a detailed overview was crafted, explaining a step by step strategy, highlighting mPlatform’s specialisations.


In addition to this, for each case study, we also identified the major obstacles faced and explained how these were overcome, leading to the ultimate success of the campaign. Each case study was represented with design elements in accordance with the context as well as the various advertising and marketing tools and techniques used.


The final product was a 70-page book covering the nitty gritty of key campaigns, thereby communicating the message that the unit approached every campaign and product in a unique manner after intensive research and out-of-the-box strategizing.


For MPlatform in association with the Mobile Marketing Association, we also built a 100+ page research- and data-heavy report on how mobile as a device has gone beyond the traditional realm of digital marketing. Additionally, we also jointly worked with mPlatform on an FMCG report, detailing the current landscape and discussing strategy and marketing best practices that help drive sales. The collective work for this brand spanned the period from February 2019 to February 2020.

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