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Times Fashion Week



By managing the brand’s social media presence through an Instagram-first approach, we help increase reach and visibility through a research-based content strategy, back-end management and Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) coverage for the previous 7 editions of Times Fashion Week - BTFW 2020, BTFW 2021, BTFW April 2022, PTFW 2022, BTFW Oct 2022, PTFW March 2023, BTFW April 2023 and upcoming Fashion Weeks too.

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The primary objective is to create, repurpose, and design content, as well as help disseminate it on Times Fashion Week’s social media handles, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YoutTube.


As part of our mandate, we also managed BTS coverage for Fashion Week, which included curating social media announcements for featured designers and celebrities, posting live creatives, managing backstage video bytes, collecting images with models, and showstoppers to keep the handle active and dynamic.


The ongoing work for Times Fashion Week was executed in a multitude of ways – From managing back-end photoshoots, obtaining celebrity bytes for social media, coordinating with the various SPOCs of sponsor brands, to consistently churning out content and design according to the Fashion Week theme for the season and enhancing brand visibility through paid social media campaigns through a unique approach on Instagram, that was also replicated on Facebook and Twitter.


Our monthly calendars focus on boosting engagement via Instagram stories and regular posts. Identifying iconic fashion themes, we continue to repurpose content from previous fashion weeks by showcasing the latest trends and keeping their viewers hooked on the season's specials. We turned their Instagram into a one-stop space for eye-catching fashion reels, interactive polls, paying homage to esteemed Indian designers, and getting a glimpse of celebrity styling every day. From weddings to parties to vacations and a little fashion experimentation to spice things up, we’re decoding fashion and keeping their audience stylish 24/7.


Times Fashion Week Editions 2020 - 2022

Given the restrictions due to COVID-19, the first Bombay Times Fashion Week #VirtualEdit was held in December 2020. The show went live on Facebook & Instagram the following week through Virtual Handshake, which is a way of virtually broadcasting events live. The following editions viz BTFW 2021, BTFW April 2022, PTFW 2022, and BTFW Oct 2022 were physical events where we provided extensive on-ground support in order to cover BTS footage of the entire 5-day span (Fittings + Show Days) of the Fashion Week.

Preparing to Launch

The launch for each edition is 15 days prior to the event. We designed a unique layout and theme for each edition.  In addition to preparing for the on-ground show coverage, we churned out 50+ visually engaging creatives in a span of 15 days, provided layout options for different announcement posts that featured fashion designers and sponsor brands, and curated design template options that suited the theme for fashion week. We have also covered the Fittings of each designer 2 days prior to the show, where 50+ stories each day and 20+ feed posts on avg were posted in a span of 2 days. 

The BTFW 2020 #VirtualEdit was launched 3 days prior to the actual dates of the shoot. In addition to preparing for the shoots, we churned out 35 visually engaging creatives in a span of 2 days, provided layout options for different announcement posts that featured fashion designers and sponsor brands, and curated design template options that suited the theme for BTFW 2020.

Event Days - On-Ground Support

While managing the BTS footage for the official social media handles for TFW, we also designed layouts in real time and took posts live on the spot. In terms of execution, our team interviewed celebrities, showstoppers, and designers for their BTS social media bytes through a set of well-crafted questions that revolved around their experience during the Times Fashion Week. We tied up with photographers to cover backstage photoshoots to get the perfect shots for social media updates and coordinated with various SPOCs handling sponsor brands and designers for live social media coverage. We posted around 50+ feed posts and 120+ stories each day during the span of 3 days.

Live Event Broadcast

The SPRD team was on the ground to assist with the virtual streaming process for each show, virtual designs and the technical set-up of the event.

Post-event Promotion

Post the event days, posting show videos and showstopper reels on all social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 


The Mandate

To boost social media posts around fashion week and cover designated milestones for each brand in line with the committed deliverables for a span of 41 days (April 8th – May 17th).

The Goal

To achieve a guaranteed engagement of 200,000 and views of 700,000 on a budget of ₹500,000 across 20 brands.

Demographics & Targeted Filters

We ensured that the ads and optimizations were targeted extensively pan-India in order to reach people who are interested in fashion. The age demographic was set from 16-60 to specifically target young adults, industry stalwarts and seasoned professionals with a passion for fashion. In addition to a vast set of basic filters, we also refrained from setting gender filters to include fashion trends across all gender norms.

Ad Campaigns

We executed two campaigns to achieve the set targets, with optimizations aimed at

  • Amplifying video views

  • Amplifying engagement




We achieved 3x the targeted numbers within the assigned budget. Specifically, we garnered more than 4.7 million video views on the ads, including both the ad campaigns optimized for engagement and views, with more than 2.4 million accounts that engaged with our ads in one way or another. With an average of over 200% of the initially targeted video views on our ads, 1.3 million people watched the videos to completion or for more than 15 seconds.

The average active engagement rate has been 3%, with almost a 200% result rate on total engagement in a period of 3 months


Social Media Coverage & On Ground Support of 7 Times Fashion Editions

Analysing and retaining the audience’s interest was our top priority and we achieved that goal through consistent posting. We successfully scaled up their Instagram followers by 484.9% from last year, making them the trendsetters in this ever-changing fashion landscape. Our top post from Bombay Times Fashion Week 2023 landed 8620 likes and reached up to 56,800 fashion enthusiasts, doubling down on social media reach by 179.8% from last year. Our thought-led strategies on Facebook increased their likes by 44% and gave their profile visits a 117.1% boost which ultimately helped them gain a 58.6% increase in followers from last year. Their Instagram and Facebook insights from April 2022 to March 2023 showcased a 226.9% and 814.8% increase in social media reach respectively.


April 2022-March 2023

New Followers




Profile visits



April 2022-March 2023

New Followers




Profile visits


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