How do Glassdoor & AmbitionBox impact your brand's reputation?

Updated: Nov 11

In today’s day and age, the internet has provided everyone with an open platform to talk about anything at any time. This has not only given people the right to free speech, but also the ability to influence, encourage, and cultivate debate. For instance - Imagine you are planning to order food from a restaurant. What’s the first thing that you do? Many of us typically do a quick Google search for reviews and comments about various aspects of the food served at a restaurant. If the reviews are good, we go ahead and place an order, but if the reviews are not that great, we skip the restaurant and check out another place.

In a similar context, let’s look at how brands operate today. Before the internet, companies didn’t really have to worry about ‘Online Reputation Management’ as much as they have to now. If an employee was unhappy working with you, there would be 2 possibilities: - 1) either the employee would quit and tell their friends and family about it, or 2) just suck it up and continue. But now, the internet has enabled employees to post company reviews for the world to see. Let’s be honest, before checking out the good things about a company, we often check out the bad, gossipy ones that tell us the true reality. Platforms like Glassdoor and Ambitionbox offer features like company reviews, interview questions, salary and company information, and job details to help users make an informed decision. They allow employees of your organisation (current and former) to post reviews, both good and bad, anonymously. These reviews affect a brand’s reputation in many ways. Good reviews help attract talented individuals to your company but the bad ones tend to have a ripple effect. They not only influence potential employees but also tarnish a brand’s image in the minds of customers, potential customers, and even current employees. An ORM team can help you locate and keep track of such reviews and comments about your organisation and create an effective response strategy to manage it.

An employer profile on Glassdoor and AmbitionBox allows you view metrics on profile visits, update fundamental corporate information, and participate in the discussion by answering reviews. It also offers additional features that enable you to expand the functionality of your page, highlight a review of your choice, and promote open positions.

At the end of the day, even after replying to comments and having a strong ORM strategy in place, the best way to dissuade employees from posting bad reviews in the first place is to promote employee well-being and make sure that employees get what they truly deserve.

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