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Coffee And Public Relations Have More In Common Than You Think!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

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According to legend, coffee originated all because of a 9th-century Ethiopian goat-herder named Kaldi who observed that his goats were behaving erratically after eating the red berries from a nearby coffee Arabica tree. But what Kaldi didn’t know was that coffee was going to change the world.

But what’s the link between coffee and public relations?

Is it simply the fact that PR professionals cannot function without coffee and need a cup (or ten) to make it through the day?

For starters, the most obvious commonality between the two lies in the art of conversation. There’s much more to it than the seemingly one-sided relationship between caffeine and public relations. The perfect cup of coffee is brewed carefully, the coffee beans are harvested by professional producers and made available to consumers in a variety of flavours. Similarly, when crafting the perfect story, PR experts spend a huge chunk of their time exploring different angles, talking to the right people, blending emotions with facts and creating a narrative that appeals to their target audience.

Coffee and PR are a match made in heaven.

On a personal level, coffee keeps people awake and energized. But on a much broader level, it has a major impact on culture, businesses, literature, music and creativity. It sparks conversation in offices, at bus stops, at restaurants, in airports and even between people who wouldn’t have struck up a chat otherwise. Coffee combined with conversations have been most people’s faithful buddies during the lockdown. Even though we’re all still confined to our homes, coffee has re-ignited some of our favourite memories, emotions and experiences that make for some of the best stories.

Whether it’s those frequent office coffee breaks that fuelled innovative discussions with your colleagues or if you’ve been missing those south Indian joints where you enjoyed your favourite cup of filter coffee, conversation is at the heart of these anecdotes.

Working from home and social distancing guidelines have changed how we communicate physically, but true caffeine-lovers have shifted that attention to binge-shopping and buying different brews online. Others have found comfort in consuming coffee in any form, be it coffee-flavoured chocolate, cookies or cake. Sharing a cup of coffee during the lockdown now has a completely different emotion and story attached to it. It no longer is just a cup of coffee, but represents a sense of belonging, comfort and renewed gratitude for life at large.

While PR is about storytelling, managing relationships and shifting consumer perspectives, coffee often fuels this narrative and is always ready to brew up something special for everyone.

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