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Team Work


Here's a bit about this inspired bunch. While you can read all about us here, we're always open to a conversation too.


With a Postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing and Communications from MICA, Chaittali has close to 15 years of experience in the communications industry. She has worked with clients across the verticals of National Entertainment Channels, Media, Lifestyle, Human Resources, Healthcare, FMCG, etc. Prior to this, she worked as a Branch Manager (Mumbai) at Nucleus PR. Her experience comprised managing an internal team, crisis communications, and media relations. An avid fan of Bollywood, music and food, she enjoys travelling and drinking coffee.


With a Bachelors in Mass Media and Advertising, Akash comes with 8 years of work experience in Social Media Marketing, Insights and Analytics, and Online Reputation Management. He was previously employed with Germin8 and EBrandz. Apart from binging on webisodes, reading comics, and playing carrom, he is a silent observer; much like his alias ‘Sherlock’.


With a Bachelor of Science in Human Development, Samruddhi comes with a background in psychological studies. Taking insights from Howard Gardner theories, she believes in following her passions and apart from PR, is totally into photography and journaling. Prior to working at SPRD, she has interned at multiple NGOs and is known to be quite the task master!


With a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy and Finance, and a PGDM degree in Marketing, Snigdha has always wanted to weave stories that strike a chord and not actually crunch numbers. A self-proclaimed ‘Meme-Lord’, she loves to have a good laugh at every curve ball that life throws at her. Apart from being a passionate home chef/baker, she has always been an emotional foodie, much like her alias Pumba. She is a low-key nerd and a procrastinating perfectionist.


With a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media, Krupa began her career as a PR intern and then there was no looking back. With extensive experience in PR for the hospitality sector, she got a chance to channel her love for food and travel. Having previously worked for a travel television channel, she juggled multiple responsibilities, right from alliances and partnerships to planning, executing and managing international filming projects. She is always on the lookout for opportunities to step outside her comfort zone. Her love for desserts knows no bounds, and she likes to cook and bake just as much as she enjoys eating. Cafes are her home and Netflix is her favourite pastime!


Armed with a Masters in Commerce, Kiran previously worked with Germinait Solutions garnering 4.8 years of rich experience in Insights and Analytics, as well as Online Reputation Management. Professionally steeped in the real world of data, she spends most of her free time transported to the fictional world of novels, movies and web-series. An outdoor person at heart, Kiran can be found taking in the sunset view at the beach or traveling to explore new places.


Equipped with a and having worked across almost all pillars of Digital Marketing, Nishant has diverse knowledge about Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management and Analytics and Insights. A tech geek who loves gaming and cooking, he is a budding photographer with the passion to capture beautiful landscapes.


Vivian has pursued a Bachelors of Arts in Economics, was a part of her college PR Team for over 2 years and also headed it for over a year. This is what led her to realize that a career in PR is what she would like to pursue. Her alias is Jinx who is a character from the Netflix show Arcane. She is chaotic and crazy but also smart and sensitive too. This is her first job, kudos! She values punctuality, enjoys music and capturing memories/moments.


With a Bsc. in Animation and Multimedia, Anuj has a rather different approach towards life. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to look back and reflect” - Mark Twain. This quote has always made  Anuj contemplate about the conforming minds that we are turning ourselves into. With this being said, his interest is towards the magic that he feels for music and books. He believes that his muse is a capsule that cuts out the noise and helps him escape from the world’s conjectures.


Shalwini has 6 years of experience in Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, and Analytics and Insights. An avid motorcyclist and a 4x4 off-roading enthusiast, she loves adventure sports, reading books, exploring places and learning new things. She used to work in Digital Marketing and Customer Relations, and handling the brand reputations for clients. Thomas Shelby is someone who thinks from all the perspectives, does the right thing, thinks about his family, and has his goals in priority, thus making him a perfect and relatable Alias for her.


Equipped with a Masters in Advertising and Communications from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (Pune), Asif started his career as part of the communications team at HDFC Limited. This is where his first set of learnings on PR came about. Post which, he worked in Product and Marketing roles at HSBC and in his last corporate stint, he managed the HNI Business [product and marketing] at Barclays Bank. With more than 16 years of work experience in Marketing, Brand Communications, Talent Management and Content, Asif is a 'foodie' and a fusion music lover. He is most likely to be found drooling over action figures and comic books.


An ambitious and driven communication professional with a flair for creativity who hosts an extensive experience in client servicing across Public Relations and Digital Marketing. With a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from IGNOU and a Postgraduate degree holder in Digital Marketing and Communications from MICA, Rachana has close to 5 years of experience in the communications industry. She has worked with clients across the verticals of Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Education, Solar and Energy, and more. Before this, she worked as a Senior Account Executive at Adfactors PR. As an avid explorer, she is always up for new challenges and be it in trails or cubicles, she's always been fascinated by the world of creativity,  much like her alias 'Mulan'. She is a travel enthusiast eagerly venturing the world and exploring varied adventures like trekking, hiking, or water sports.  She is also a Bharatanatyam Dancer and cherishes being a people person.

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