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As part of the Thought Leadership mandate for HUL LinkedIn, our objective was to handle the LinkedIn profile for their Executive Director - Supply Chain - Hindustan Unilever Ltd and Head - Supply Chain - SA & SEAA, Willem Uijen. During this time, we worked on creating a holistic content strategy to position him as a thought leader on the platform. On a weekly basis, we created three posts in various formats focusing largely on the initiatives undertaken by the FMCG giant and topics that he is passionate about, amongst various other company oriented updates.


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The team at SPRD worked on the account on a project basis which resulted in an organic growth of 2000 followers by regularly sharing relevant updates from the leader’s profile. Apart from working on the content for his summary section and the main content for the posts, they also actively responded to individuals who interacted with the leader.

This approach helped the leader reach out to his audiences in all the regions under his department.


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To start off, the team mapped out topical days as well as important environmental days on the calendar to match the leader’s profile. Extensive research was also carried out to understand the brand and link it back to him. In addition to providing live updates to the audiences in the field of SC, the internal team also shared various on-going activities from a range of companies which were then repurposed into posts.

The main content buckets for the leader were Brands and Their Behind-The-Scenes Story, Diversity and Inclusion, Social Responsibility, Giving Back and The Pandemic, Supply Chains – Operations and Tech, Sustainability and Leadership, Purposeful Business and Teamwork.





From September 2021 to December 2021, we garnered a total of 1500+ organic followers on the leader’s LinkedIn profile.

In terms of content formats, we used infographics, posts with just copy text, posts comprising of links within the post and GIFs.

The combined views for 2.5 months in September (2,45,000), October (6,05,886) and November (2,58,081) was a massive 11,08,976.