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Keeping up with the demanding online reputation management in Mumbai and around. ORM, Reputation Repair, Reputation Control, Remove Bad information

Handling the FMCG giant’s Twitter mandate, we manage insights, strategy, and content creation, backed by extensive research and a deep brand understanding. Consistently churning out engaging content in a range of creative formats, the overarching strategy is largely focused on environmental impact and sustainability, as well as on the range of community outreach activities conducted by HUL. Through these society-first narratives, we're helping them amplify their news and engage with brand followers on Twitter.


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The ongoing work for Hindustan Unilever Limited helps to achieve a range of objectives – From establishing a sustained social media presence and strengthening its image as a responsible, purpose-led brand, to ensuring that the company’s website is up to date with the latest happenings in business and sustainability as well as the newest additions to their product portfolio.


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There are two key focus areas:

With the ongoing Twitter mandate for @HUL_News, the approach begins with thorough research on current events. Next steps are to craft an insight-led strategy based on relevance, and in alignment with HUL’s brand voice. This is followed by crafting content in a creative format that best highlights the desired message. With a special focus on sustainability, social responsibility and community connect, the work done for the brand ranges from simple static creative renditions, to vibrant and informational GIFs, based on the requirement and what the topic demands.


For website content, a thorough revamp was carried out for the entire sustainability section of the HUL website. Following this, on an ongoing basis, website articles are crafted on the latest happenings in the company. In addition to this, internal monthly newsletter copy is also drafted for employees to keep abreast with the current news and initiatives that HUL is involved in.




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For HUL’s flagship employee advocacy program in India, the main aim was to engage and inform employees while ensuring that they also spoke to the world about the company’s commitments to sustainability, economic empowerment and social outreach. Employees are a brand’s most authentic advocates, and with their voice resonating HUL’s message, a robust movement began.


This group of employee advocates named the Purpose Squad in alignment with HUL’s message, are regularly encouraged to post across social media handles with detailed and engaging communication. Content drafts are also created on a regular basis for those who are not comfortable creating social media copy. Employee posts are regularly monitored for mentions of HUL handles and usage of relevant hashtags, particularly the central hashtag #HULPurpose. On a periodic basis, the team at SPRD also calculates and reports the impact created by UGC campaigns. To ensure that Purpose Squad members continue to be encouraged, a practice has been put in place to recognize the best posts and super active employees.



From March 2020 to December 2020, we had crafted 116 tweets, garnering an average of 9103 impressions, with an overall engagement

rate of 3.34%.


In terms of execution, the posts fall into 4 broad content formats – Static creative posts, posts with just tweet text, posts comprising links within the tweet copy and videos. Of these, the highest performing formats in terms of impressions, were videos and tweet text posts. In terms of engagement, however, the trend showed higher numbers for static posts and linked posts.

Estimated LinkedIn post reach since September 2020