Hindustan Unilever Limited

Hindustan Unilever Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, is the Indian subsidiary of Unilever PLC. The company has multiple brands in its portfolio, comprising products ranging from foods and beverages to cleaning agents and various consumer goods.


The ongoing work for Hindustan Unilever Limited helps to achieve a range of objectives – From establishing a sustained social media presence and strengthening its image as a responsible, purpose-led brand, to ensuring that the company’s website is up to date with the latest happenings in business, sustainability and product portfolio.

Execution Technique & Excellence

There are two key focus areas


With the entire ongoing Twitter mandate for @HUL_NEWS, the approach spans research on current events, strategy based on relevance in the current context, as well as on the brand voice that HUL wishes to sustain, followed by crafting content and proceeding with the design aspect accordingly. With a special focus on sustainability, social responsibility and community connect, the work done for the brand also covers a range of mediums – From simple static creative renditions, to vibrant and informational GIFs, based on the requirement and what the topic demands.

For website content, a thorough revamp was carried out of the entire sustainability section of the HUL website. Following this, on an ongoing basis, website articles are crafted on the latest happenings in the company. In addition to this, internal monthly newsletter copy is also drafted for employees to keep abreast with the current news and initiatives that HUL is involved in.

Innovation and Creativity

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