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The uniqueness of Cupela as a client was the fact that the man behind the brand was a brand in himself. Through work with this client, we ensured that the brand’s voice was interwoven with its founder, Rajeev Shroff’s voice, while still retaining his individuality. With heavy focus on effective and empathetic leadership, alongside stories of mentorship, coaching and challenges faced by leaders, we were successful in finding a multitude of story pegs even in the niche space of transformational coaching. Through this, Cupela has established a presence online via the website, digital publications and LinkedIn, as well as in pan-India offline publications.


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SPRD has strategically devised a PR strategy for Cupela to emphasize the founder’s journey towards becoming an industry expert. With the aim to throw light on his executive coaching skills, and his personal experience in leadership, we have helped translate this critical aspect into various stories and intensively pitched this across platforms pan-India, also including leading print publications.


Through this content-driven PR strategy, Rajeev Shroff and Cupela have appeared across renowned leadership platforms. The coverage was primarily via prominent HR and Management-led online platforms, and eventually spilled over to the offline sphere as well.


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From June 2018 to the present, our approach has involved positioning Rajeev Shroff as a thought leader by creating awareness about the importance of executive and transformational coaching, especially among Learning & Development and Leadership heads. The topics have been crafted to function as a value addition to his existing professional net worth, while bringing out the positives of timely organizational transformation.


Additionally, leveraging his firm belief and sound knowledge of entrepreneurship as well as his ownership-driven mindset, articles pertaining to these have also been published on platforms like Forbes India, People Matters & New Indian Express (Online & Print).


In order to gain better visibility, we consistently emphasized thought leadership pieces. A dedicated and consistent approach to content also led to Rajeev becoming a member at the Forbes Council - wherein he shared his credible and relevant thoughts through various articles.




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Considering the field that Cupela caters to, prominent focus has been given to LinkedIn as a platform. Not only have we shared the PR coverages that have been published but we have also launched numerous content driven campaigns on topics ranging from teamwork to leadership. On an average, the number of views across campaigns have been over 1000, along with a substantial number of likes and comments.




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Right from undertaking a PR Kit initiative to managing Rajeev Shroff’s social media presence, SPRD has ensured consistent communication to strengthen brand visibility. Along with managing his social media presence, a managers’ guide was also designed in the form of a book; that comprised Rajeev Shroff’s media coverages. This has all been backed with a monthly newsletter and backend updating of the website.

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