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The Founder and CEO of 48 Fitness and 8 Rounds, Vijay Thakkar is an industry expert on health, wellness, lifestyle, fitness and nutrition in India. 48 Fitness is the ultimate culmination of Vijay’s ardent belief in the importance of fitness and the practicality of combining it with science and technology.

Armed with several international qualifications in Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Training and Nutrition Science, Vijay also has a Master's degree in Sports Management from the University of South Wales, United Kingdom.

His passion for fitness is an inspiration to all to strive towards excellence and achieve the highest standards of health and fitness, every single day.


Being an industry expert on health and fitness, the primary motive was to create brand awareness about the Master Fitness Coach and position him as a credible leader in the field of exercise and nutrition. SPRD identified as well as collaborated with key stakeholders to create a buzz about 8 Rounds by Vijay Thakkar on Hotstar. In order to gain enhanced visibility with the media, we consistently developed brand associations with relevant fitness and health communities.

From a creativity and content standpoint, we emphasized on creating content via authored articles, featured articles and press releases.

Apart from bagging speaker opportunities on relevant platforms, SPRD also maximized brand visibility through IGTV interviews on trending social media accounts.

Execution Technique & Excellence

We worked within three key focus areas.


Media Stories

SPRD secured publications for Vijay on a variety of relevant platforms so that audiences had access to relatable material around health and fitness from an expert’s point of view. Media stories were also curated with a special focus on 8 Rounds in order to drive brand visibility. Additionally, the video opportunities that we obtained with publications helped increase Vijay’s reach as the audience actually had a chance to hear and connect with him directly.

Interviews and Interactions

As part of our social media mandate, handled by Yellow Seed – The Content Company, we explored interview opportunities with leading accounts on Instagram that helped us reach out to younger audiences through an interactive forum.

Influencer/Barter Campaigns

Leveraging SPRD’s expertise in influencer campaigns, we successfully carried out a campaign featuring fitness influencers who shared Vijay’s story on their social media accounts and garnered attention from their followers.

Media Appearances



SPRD has ensured consistent communication to strengthen brand visibility. Right from curated media articles, interviews, and social media presence building to video opportunities, SPRD positioned Vijay Thakkar as a force to reckon with in the world of fitness and nutrition.


Total Reach