Omnicom Media Group India

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To position the leadership and the brand as experts and thought leaders via PR efforts by creating media visibility and building narratives which reflect the company ethos

Brand Narrative

Execution Technique

We adopted a two-pronged strategy for positioning the brand and leadership team in the media. The first one focuses on building leadership narratives and positioning each leader as an industry expert in the media, through thought-provoking storytelling and speaker opportunities. The second approach is predominantly via communicating the brand ethos and what OMG as a group believes in. Communication around OMD and PHD as media agencies and what they thoroughly believe in has also been strategised and crafted.

We developed the concept of ‘Be Limitless’ which stands for the combined values of OMG, OMD and PHD as a whole. This narrative or ethos is applied to both the internal and external stakeholders. The concept has now been transformed and integrated into the internal communication, employee engagement initiatives and media positioning in a seamless manner.

Media Appearances

Linkedin and social media presence

We recommend regular social media posting for individual leader handles and for the company handle on LinkedIn. This is supplemented with aptly crafted social media captions to take the post live.

Key leadership communications

Apart from regular feature and long-form communications in the external domain, we also help craft internal communications for leaders, ranging from HR/Talent updates for employees, and the roll-out of digital-transformation-led L&D initiatives, to an extensive monthly newsletter sent out from the India Group CEO’s desk that encapsulates company-wide and agency-specific wins and achievements systematically.


For the leaders of OMG and its subsidiaries OMD and PHD, we have pursued and won multiple opportunities, across a range of publications. From thought leadership features and detailed, research-led media quotes, to live-tweet events and panel appearances, we have not just obtained opportunities but have also provided in-depth content to cover their diverse PR needs. 


Total Reach