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Application Ally is a boutique student mentorship platform where students are aided to translate their own individual stories into their overseas applications. Application Ally mentors students in the pursuit of their desired undergraduate and graduate degrees at their dream schools.


The fundamental objective is to ensure that students can pursue their goals and follow their passion. They provide counseling to individuals at any point in their application process, scholarship and extracurricular engagement support, alumni network, interview preps, along with a series of workshops to support self-learning.

Born out of the co-founders’ own experiences studying abroad with a combination of their digital-first and unique education consultancy-start-up value proposition, we’ve helped Application Ally build a media presence, increase brand visibility, and develop content through an Instagram-first strategy for a period of three months.


Application Ally has a unique blend of the co-founders’ own overseas education experiences within the start-up culture.


  1. Our main goal through each campaign was to position the founders as the face of the brand. Providing a personal connect to showcase their out-of-the box mentorship techniques, narrative and value proposition.

  2. To set them apart in the education consultancy space and attract the right audience, key PR and media initiatives were undertaken by featuring the brand and founders in CAT-A publications. We leveraged their digital-first strategy through social media platforms such as Instagram.

  3. Through building content for instagram, each of the founder’s and the brand’s mission were positioned to reflect their personal advice as Ally’s to students who wished to pursue their undergraduate and graduate studies abroad.


  1. By enhancing brand visibility through paid social media campaigns on Instagram and also securing media coverages in Category A publications, we helped Application Ally establish themselves as a brand across various digital platforms.

  2. As part of the earned and owned initiatives, we also helped Application Ally revamp and re-launch content on their website. These activities ultimately helped drive traffic to their business and their social platforms.

Social Media Strategy

  1. Through Application Ally’s posts and workshops, their social media strategy reflected the co-founders’ young, entrepreneurial voice and unique value-add to the study abroad space.

August- November


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Essay Writing workshop
Essay Writing workshop

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bootcamp post 2 option 1-01-01
bootcamp post 2 option 1-01-01

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This campaign shed light on the co-founders’ individual acceptances to multiple Ivy League colleges, tips on cracking the resume requirement and was rounded off with a testimonial from one of the participants.

1. Campaign #1- Resume Drafting Workshop

Through informative posts, the key was to highlight that having been applicant’s themselves, the co-founders’ were able to help participants write an admit-worthy essay in 2 hours and provide participants with personalized help on their individual essays as well.

2. Campaign #2- Essay Writing Workshop

Starting from the second week of October – Application Ally launched a weekly campaign that touched on areas that uniquely highlight what they bring to the study abroad table, while also adding value in terms of visa updates and expert advice from the co-founders’ themselves.

3. Campaign #3- Weekly Posts

Monday Tips

Every Monday, tips were shared with the hashtag #MondayTips that covered everything from essay writing, personal statements to resume crafting and details on scholarship applications.

Updates with AA

To address the multitude of changes that the study abroad process witnessed this year, a post was shared every Wednesday with the hashtag #UpdateswithAA that provided detailed updates on the visa application process, Covid-19 restrictions, online classes and revised guidelines for study permits for the USA, UK and Canada.

Expert Advice

By leveraging the invaluable insights that the co-founders’ possess about the Application process, a post was shared every Friday, with the hashtag #ExpertAdvice with the aim of conversing with their audience and showcasing their combined study abroad learnings.

Media Coverages

Website Recommendations

  1. Content and Design recommendations for their website were made keeping in mind the ease of the viewer. The recommendations inculcated a layout that would make the audience browse through the content of the entire website at one go, while keeping them engaged visually. It put forth a layout that highlighted the primary services of the brand, their recent initiatives/workshops/webinars, their reach in terms of universities across the globe, etc.

  2. A testimonial section was suggested for the home page scroll to give the audience a first-hand review of their services.
    A blog section was also recommended as a sub-page for the website where their media presence and articles would be highlighted along with their thought leadership articles. This was suggested to primarily help them with the SEO ranking of their website and to provide the viewers a glimpse of their common queries.

  3. Re-doing the ‘About Us’ section to help the audience read a short brief about the co-founders’ that primarily highlighted their achievements & accomplishments, indirectly shedding light on why they would be the best mentors for your application abroad

Impact and Overall Reach