School of Communication and Reputation

A premier educational and research institute specializing in Public Relations, SCoRe, is India’s only institute endorsed by PRCAI. Built by global leaders and led by PR professionals for the profession, they empower young minds to be strong and independent PR consultants.



The PR strategy executed focused on featuring the founders, in prominent online publications and helping the institute stand out from among its competition. Being an eminent leader in the industry, it was important to continue to position the founder as a leader who took his years of experience as a PR professional and channeled it into teaching students how to be proficient PR practitioners. For the institute particularly, we worked towards highlighting the uniqueness of its study programmes and the innovative methods of teaching.

Execution Technique & Excellence

To achieve maximum visibility our content led strategy from December 2019 to March 2020, included thought leadership articles on his personal profile, featured articles in reputed online magazines and other publications. As for the organisation, we implemented a 3-month long Quora strategy developed to attract attention of potential students and those seeking career guidance about the field. This boosted the positioning of SCoRe among competitors and garnered more traffic to the website. Additionally, we also ideated and executed social media campaigns and helped make recommendations to the website. 

Media Appearances


Innovation and Creativity

To appreciate SCoRe’s female students, for International Women’s Day 2020, we created personalized envelopes with postcards for their alumni present all over India. Known as the Women’s Day SuPRstar campaign, this initiative was also greatly admired by people across the industry. 

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Capitalizing the expertise of this school functioning in a niche industry, SPRD devised a detailed PR strategy across multiple platforms and helped get the ball rolling for key projects. Post a 3 month arrangement,  internal teams were equipped to take on sustenance.